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Summary Assignment

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Summary Assignment 10%/ Due Wed Jan 31st. on Google doc before 5 p.m.


Write a summary of Min-Zhan Lu's article, Conflict and Struggle: The Enemies or Preconditions of Basic Writing, in Academic Reading; reading and writing for the disciplines. 2nd. Edition.



Your summary should address this question: The title to Lu's article is a question, why does Lu ask this question, what motivated her to review the research and raise the question?


Your summary should be between 400 - 700 words, no longer please.


This assignment needs to include your notes for gist (your notes for gist are not included in the word count) and a 'works cited' list and be completed on your journal page for Wed. 31st by 5 pm.



Late assignments will lose 3 points a day.


You may cite with MLA or APA style -- just be consistent and use a style guide to ensure you are correct.


Objectives: Write a summary which demonstrates:



1) your skills with using citation and reporting expressions in order to identify, characterize, and evaluate the sources you summarize.


2) your skills with positioning yourself in relation to the sources you are citing.


3) your ability to select and cite details and examples to ‘unpack’ abstractions.


Evaluation: My criteria for evaluation are:



1) completeness -- all of the above objectives need to be fulfilled to receive full points.


2) analysis -- your summary should demonstrate that you have approached your writing with a specific question in mind (remember, writing is a critical thinking tool).



3) writing skills -- I hope to read summaries that are carefully written, grammatically correct and with thoughtful attention for the skills and techniques we are learning in class.


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