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Research Paper

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Research Paper Guidelines : 20%




At the end of term, each conference research team will collaborate to write a Digital Research Paper based on your conference research.


  • Your paper will be between 3500 and 5000 words: no more, no less.


Your paper will include:

  • A 150 - 250 word *abstract
  • A scholarly introduction: review chapter 11 AW.
  • Orchestrated summary of at least three sources
  • Discussion on the limitations of the research
  • A Scholarly Conclusion: review chapter 11 AW.
  • Contextual links to interesting and relevant digital spaces
  • Working links to all your sources
  • (If you cannot  link the source, then cut and paste into a google doc, and link that page. If you can not cut and past, then print and photo-copy and hand me a copy on last class -- I need all sources)
  • An annotated (contextually linked where possible) bibliography with visuals
  • Visuals through out the paper that speak to the content
  • Each author will use a different colour font so that I can identify your individual contributions for evaluation
  • Each author MUST use your journal page to compose your rough work. I need to be able to see this in order to identify individual contributions to the paper for evaluation


*Abstract - The abstract serves two major purposes: it helps a person decide whether to read the paper, and it provides the reader with a framework for understanding the paper if they  decide to read it. Thus, your abstract should describe the most important aspects of  [... your research]  within the [...] word-limit provided. As appropriate for your research, try to include a statement of the problem, the people you studied, the dependent and independent variables, the instruments, the design, major findings, and conclusions. If pressed for space, concentrate on the problem and, especially, your findings.  ** Lawrence Rudner, How to Write a Scholarly Report, 1999, Journal of Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation.


**Note my style of contextual linking.


You objectives are:


  • To collaborate effectively and compose a scholarly research paper based on your conference presentation.
  • To demonstrate your skills with collaboration, you will bring together your individual strengths and assist each other in developing your weaknesses' in order to present an excellent paper.
  • To demonstrate your skills with scholarly writing techniques: review chapter 9 AW
  • To demonstrate your digital literacy skills: review Journal Page 2006 for extra guidelines



         My Criteria for Evaluation are:


  • 10 % : Your scholarly writing skills . These include:
  • Reporting expressions
  • Citation & summary
  • Scholarly Definition
  • Orchestrating voices
  • Nominal style
  • Sentence style and coherence: creating a context
  • Messages about the argument
  • Discussion on the limitations of the research (knowledge deficit)
  • Forecast and Emphasis
  • 5 %:  Your collaborative skills : You will need to  devise a system for collaborating and work on your paper on a regular basis for the final two weeks of classes in order to collaborate effectively.  As outlined above, work on your individual google doc journals and then cut and paste into your collaborative page.







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