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PowerPoint112 - 6.ppt


Hey, ok so you guys are performing tomorrow. I need your finalized powerpoint now. Also have a seperate attachment for each  video you are planning on playing as well as the slid enumber it will be presented on. If I do not have it your video will not play. Thanx a lot guys for the effort you put in. Trust me I am as stressed as you are about the schedual conflict but we will manage just fine :) - Janika


This is not our final copy; we will be editing the slides and will hopefully be done by Tuesday (presenting on Thursday).


  Click Attach File, then Browse, then Click on your PowerPoint (name it PowerPoint112/6 ).


Hey guys, Thanx so much for sending it in, I know it is a real drag to have to spend your weekend on it when your slide isn't even due till thursday, but as usual you guys look great! Yeah just email me : jnlambeck@hotmail.com when you are finsihed and I will check the page. Also if you have any videos, attatch them seperatly also onto this page (I need the files on my computer in order to work them thanx!)

See you tomorrow! - janika

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