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Ok Attach File, then Browse, then Click on your PowerPoint (name it PowerPoint112/4 ).


We are still missing to add the video files we have been editing and think the ppt file will be a bit too big to upload. We still might have a change of a slide or two but we will get them done by tomorrow.


By the way, if you name the file as PowerPoint112/4 with the '/' the PBwiki page is not able to find it and let any client download it from that page.


Best regards,

Digital Jara



One further comment, well I dont know what is going on but we were scheduled on Thursday and now it has changed to Tuesday at 5.13 P.M.  Thanks for the short notice,



Yeah I can totally relate to you on that one, trust me it put me out too and I have no control over it. It was because of a conflict concerning a different group is what I understand. I coun't imagine the schedual change not being a difficult thing to deal with and I think we are in the same boat onthis one. Trust me I spent from 5-12 last night on here dealing with stuff but once today is over we can all relax and it will be fine. Try to get your video and finished powerpoint up here by 10 and I will make sure the changes are put in. I will be at the room between 10 and 10:30 or just outsidet the room to help anyone in need. I do have the first powerpoint you guys sent in in the presentation but the video would be great!


With all apoloogy, Janika



Hey guys, Thanx a lot for sending it in! It looks awesome! And that is fine if you still want to add more. can you please send your finalized powerpoint to me by 7:00 pmg tonight (monday night) And also post the video on here seperately from the powerpoint (I need it on file for it to work). And thankyou about the / comment- I iwll alaert people to this.

Thanks - janika

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