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March 29




 - this is the first video




 - this is the second video




 - this is the powerpoint slide



Thank you so much for all the hard work Janika, and I'll call u at 9 am~!!






 Thakyou! You guys TOTALLY rock for getting this up :D - Janika



 - This is the video clip.



Thanks Janika. :D





a final version yet- still need to add: 1 slide w video.


Could you please insert the video onto this page or if it is from YouTube, tell me the URL for the YouTube video and which slide number you would like me to insert it into?

Thankyou - Janika


I loaded it, it looks great, I will wait till you put in the finalized slides before I incorporate it. Can you try to get this to me before 7:00pm tonight? You did a great job thanx :)

It appears as though on some slides (such as the first one) tha there is not a background if you want it this way, it looks good and sharp, However, if you have made you own background and for some reason it is just not showing up can you please also send me the file that has the background and I can place it in, please send me any background you have made which the slide number it should go on.


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