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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 4 months ago

Group: Ricky, Clara, Trisha


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March 28th 2007: Trisha:

Hey! I tried to do that annotated bibliography, but I am not sure if I did it right? --> Erika here, take a look at our wiki side bar, I have linked in resources for how to create an annotated bibliography and how to cite online sources.



March 24th 2007: Hela:

Hey guys, here is a collaboration page where you can write any questions or conerns for the organizors and they will reply. Please add it into your links. "http://eng11214n.pbwiki.com/" Thanks.



March 23rd 2007: Ricky:

Hey girls. I' m sorry I can't make it tomorrow morning, cause my boss wants me to come early.

Joseph told me on Friday that our group was very likely to do the presetition next Thursday, so maybe we still have time.

Since my schedule conflicts with Clara's,  maybe we can have an online meeting on Sat night or Sun night, or, if it's ok with Trisha, Clara will meet Trisha first and I'll meet Trisha at some other time(Say, sat  afternoon 5pm or  Sunday --Sorry, Trisha=)  )

what do you think?


March 23rd 2007: Clara:

Helloo. I'm not sure whether we are meeting at 9 am anymore. Ricky told me he changed his schedule. Let me know the changes please =)

Btw, Trisha could you send me your biography? Thanks!


March 23rd 2007:

Hey Everyone, 

Click here to find out how to add music to your page.



Conference and Technical Director


March 23rd 2007: Trisha:

Hey guys!! The additions to my starting of the summary are really great! I am going to go on tonight and add more of my research, but it is looking really good! We are meeting at 9 am tomorrow, right?



March 21st 2007: Trisha:

Hey guys!!  This article (article) could be used for more data. It provides some good points, and offers ways to close the digital divide at the end. I read it all and highlighted, so if it works then i could put them online, and then we could work on the paragraph summary tonight and tomorrow! Let me know what you think!



March 20th 2007: Andy:

Hey guys, THE SITE LOOKS AWESOME!I was just stopping by to do some research for the conference. Things are looking really good. The topics are very interesting! I'm curious to see what you come up with. Keep up the good work.


March 20th 2007: Group:

Demo - Upload of PowerPoint Thank you. Chad



March 20th 2007:

Hi guys, well I guess I am just checking in, you all seem to be on schedule as observed from previous entries, but do let me know if you need  ideas or help.

see you later,




March 19th 2007:

Hello Everybody. It's Chad, your Technical and Conference Director checking in. I just wanted to see how everyone is doing, and I see your page is coming along nicely. Excellent! If you ever need any help, just call on me. By the way, your liaison is Hela. She will be contacting you soon. Thanks, and make sure every step is your best step!


March 19th 2007: Trisha:

Hey guys! I just put my points for orchestration in with what is already there. I hope that is correct!



March 17th 2007: Erika:

Very, very nice work with this space! I am assuming this is Clara's work? Now, you need to begin your collaboration page. Please, as soon as you receive this message, cut and past all of your summaries here for me, nicely formatted and organized.  You should be collaborating on your orchestration of your summaries - check my journal page for guidance. So, let's get your research completed so we are on schedule for Tuesday's workshop class. I will try to get back to you if you get started today!  Take a look at this collaborative page so you can see how I like to work with you.

And, you need a link to take us back.



March 16th 2007: Clara:

Figure out a name please!  =)


March 16th 2007: Ricky:

Hey, girls. I've finished my summary. Here is another article which might be useful. 




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