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Henrique's Group

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Research Question: Digitalization of information: progress or retrogression?




    In societies where access to the internet and other means of digital communication are available with ease, individuals have been found to suffer from grave information overload problems. The constituents of digital divide, in this sense, could be sorted into three parts: the information rich, the information poor, and the information burdened (Goulding 2001). With this in mind, how has access to information changed since the advent of computers and digitalization? Has access to immediate information made people come closer together, or has it made us more disoriented and disconnected? With this in mind, should ways of circumventing this information overload be taught in schools so that information may be used constructively, or would a return to traditional forms of teaching literacy (without computers) - where the access to information tends to be slower and thought-through - be the only way to avoid the creation of a disoriented population?



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Goulding, A. (2001). Information Poverty or Overload? Retrieved March 9, 2007, from http://lis.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/33/3/109





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