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We will be working in Groups throughout the semester.


We want to create groups as diverse as possible.


The idea is to put ourselves together in a way that allows each of you the opportunity to bring your unique perspectives, beliefs, experiences -- and, more practical skills, to your group.


As much as is possible, I would like you each to experience 'difference' -- by 'being different' from the people you will be working with most closely.


In order to discover our differences, we'll work with a number of catagories to 'identify' ourselves.


First, it would be really good if one person in each group has a good grasp of computer and digital literacy skills.


Then we can look at our 'essential differences' through the fundamental ways we create our identities. Such as culturally, ethnically, spiritually, politically, geographically -- and, these days, one might be wise to add 'materially', to the list.


So, please spend a little time before our first class reflecting on how you identify yourself through your experiences, your culture, ethnicity, spirituality, politics, where your come from, and your material lifestyle.




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