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English 112: Strategies for University Writing. Dr. Erika Patersonn  



English 112

Stratagies for University Writing



Course Schedule


This schedule will change as the semester progresses, I will be adding links to my

class lectures and updates on our assignments. So, you will want to check here on

a regular basis. At least once a week. Also check my journal page on a regular basis for extra instructions and guidance.


 Lecture Notes:





Tue. Feb 13th: Library Tutorial: meet in the library:


The classes will be held in the Sedgewick Electronic Teaching Lab, Room
217, Koerner Library (one floor below entrance level).
During the class, students will participate in a hands-on training
session with an emphasis on finding and evaluating journal articles.
Students will be given an opportunity to begin their own research;
You should research 'Digital Literacy'.



    Thur Feb 15th: In Class Summary (20%).



    Week Seven: READING BREAK.


Notes: Readings for the Break:

 AR: Chapters 19, 20 & 21: p. (484 - 519)

AW: Chapters 7 & 8 (p. 117 - 163).


    Week Eight


       Tue Feb 27: Peer editing and reading. Please check my keynote on  Peer Editing - Think aloud

Notes: Please read Chapter 9 Scholarly Styles for tomorrow's class.



Thur March 1st: Scholarly Styles: please read this chapter before you re-write your summaries.

        Week Nine:


        Tue March 6th : For today's class, first check our Conference Page


  •     And, I'll show you some selections of DVDs from previous conferences that I have 'directed' for students.


  •     We'll talk about our conference, select our conference oganizers and get ourselves organized into research groups today.


  •     And finally, check my journal page for instructions on getting started with your group research proposal -- which is due this Friday March 9th.




        Thur March 8th: Conference Workshop: Please BRING YOUR LAPTOPS TO CLASS


  •    We will work on your research proposals for the Conference organizers.



  •    You have short summaries due for next class.



    Friday March 9th: DUE --> Individual Research Proposals on your journal pages check my journal page for instructions.


        Week Ten:



Tues. Mar. 13th: Conference Workshop :


  • Also Due on your Group Research Page a short summary from each team member of at least one research article that helps to answer your question.

    You will need to re-read chapter 6: Orchestrating Voices. I will present a short lecture on the chapter at the beginning of class.

    Here is my Key Note presentation on  Orchestrating Voices


Thur March 15th:


  • Due on your research page -  a well compossed short orchestration of your summaries. I expect you to collaborate writing this on a google doc, which you can then link into your research page.  

Week Eleven:

Tues. March 20th:     Conference Workshop:


 Thur March 22: Conference Workshop: technical run through.


  • You should spend this class rehearsing your presentation and working with the technical director.

Week Twelve:

Tue March 27th:     Conference (20%)

Thur March 29nd:  Conference

Week Thirteen:


  • Notes: Please read AW Ch.10 Making and Maintaining Knowledge (p. 197 - 237) for Tuesday's class.

Tue April 3rd: Writing your Research Papers Workshop

  • Notes: Please read AW Ch. 11 Introduction and Conclusions (p.237- 259).  


Week Fourteen: 

Tue April 10th:   We will watch our Conference Documentary today.

Thur April 12th:   Collaborative Digital Research Papers (20%) due on your Doc.google page before 5 pm Friday. I will not accept late papers.




El Camino del Santiago - Spain June 2006.


Introducing Genre- 112:2007.ppt



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