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Conference Assignments

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Guidelines For Conference Assignments:


Please read these guidelines carefully, they explain the criteria I will use to evaluate the conference and determine your group’s grade. As we begin to organize the conference, I will use our Conference Page for further instructions to individual groups and organizers. Accordingly, you will need to check this page on a regular basis once we are underway with our preparations and workshops for the conference.






Conference Organizers will be graded as a team. I will assign a grade that evaluates the overall success of the conference.


In order for the conference to be a great success you will need to demonstrate these skills:


 The ability to work collaboratively and creatively and use your in-class workshop time effectively to:

- create and present a thematic vision for the conference.

- set up effective communications between organizers and conference presenters.

- determine necessary tasks and schedualing.

- document and present the results of your collaboration.



Presenting Groups will also be graded as a group. Each group will be evaluated on their abilities to:


- work collaboratively, creatively, and use your in-class workshop time effectively.

- present the findings of your research in a lively and interesting format -- in 15 minutes.

- determine necessary tasks and schedualing.

- document and present the results of your collaboration.



The grade distribution:


Each group will receive a grade, which you will then distribute amongst yourselves and inform me as to what percentage of the grade each member of the group has earned.


For example:

A group of four people receive a grade of 12/15.

First, I will multiply the grade by the number of people in the group; 4 x 12 = 48.

Accordingly 4 people share 48 points.

How the points are shared are up to you as a group.

If the group feels the grade should be distributed equally - everyone receives 12/15.

But - sometimes people become ill and cannot fulfill their responsibilities, and another group member must step in and do extra work in order for the presentation to be a great success. In these circumstances, the 48 points can be distributed unevenly amongst the group. After I have assigned the grade, each group will meet and decide how to distribute the points, and then notify me.









If you DO NOT attend the conference workshops you ARE NOT a part of the Conference and accordingly will not be evaluated.


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