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112 Assignments



Summary: Due Wed Jan 31st on you Doc.google page.


Value: 10 %

Length: 400 - 500 words.

See Summary Assignment for details.


In-Class Essay: Due Feb 15th.


Value: 20 %

Length: 500 - 600 words.

See In Class Essay for details.


Conference Presentation: Value 20%


In mid term we will produce an Academic Conference which we will design collaboratively as a class. The theme of our conference will be ‘Digital Literacy'. The conference will be evaluated in terms of its overall success as an event that stimulates creative linking of ideas and sharing of research and demonstrates that we have become an effective and creative community of interdisciplinary scholars. As collaborators each of you will share the grade. If you do not participate fully, you will not fully share the grade.

See Conference Assignments for details


Collaborative Digital Research Paper: Value 20%. Due Friday April 13th.


Length: Main text: 4000 - 5000 words (6 - 8 pages) .

See Your writely page for more details.


Castrojerez, On the Camino/ June 2006

Online Infidelity in Internet Chatrooms An Ethnographic Exploration.pdf


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